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Originally from Milan, Italy, Ombretta moved to London to work in a jewellery boutique in Burlington Arcade, whilst there, she trained as a jeweller specialising in pearls from around the world, restringing them with antique Japanese and Chinese techniques.

She then attended two silversmith and other two woodcarving courses in a bid to further expand her skills.

Working solely with pearls, she spent three years designing, making and selling jewellery for the boutique before embarking on her own collection.

Her work has been featured in British Vogue, Red, Elle UK,

ESOTIC jewellery are sold in boutiques around London, Japan and Australia.

"Since I was a child I've always been surrounded by art as my mum is a porcelain decorator and my dad, once a musician, used to make me wooden toys and boats in bottles. I loved to play with my grandmothers old necklaces from the '30s , they were so elegant and sparkling.

I remember at a young age I wanted to be an archaeologist , being passionate about fossils , I was spending my summer holidays at the seaside collecting shells, seagull feathers, sea-washed bottles glasses, small tree branches left on the beach and tiny natural turquoise, quartzes,corals and pyrites from family excursions.

Once back in Milan, I wanted to keep carrying these island treasures with me at all times to hear and smell the sea and remember my summer adventures. So I started to reassemble my grandmothers necklaces incorporating my "treasures" creating unique pieces. And I still do it."